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ROCS Community Closet is a non-profit thrift store which offers a wide variety of merchandise including clothing for the whole family, shoes, coats, appliances, vintage items, books, jewelry, toys/games, lamps, dishes, and more -all at affordable prices!



Here at ROCS, we strive to make a positive impact on the community and to stimulate a better focus of all available resources to provide those in need with abundant opportunities to meet their needs.

Germinated Plant

Shopping at a local thrift store is a simple & easy way to go green!


It takes more than 400 gallons of water to make just one t-shirt. In the U.S. alone, individuals throw out 60-80 lbs. of textile waste each year.

By offering an alternative to retail stores, we're able to do our part to reduce waste, energy & water use - while extending the life of reusable goods.

Donation Boxes

Getting a great deal on items like clothing, furniture, etc. can help reduce household expenses.

With SD's 13% poverty rate, thrift stores are a great way to offer solutions to many household expenses by providing qualify used goods at affordable prices.

Support Group

RCC exists to serve others, with all proceeds going back to the community.

Unlike retail chains and other thrift stores, we are entirely non-profit. Every purchase helps support our life-changing mission to provide opportunities and resources to those in need.

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