ROCS Weatherization

The Rural Office of Community Services, Inc. Weatherization Program is designed to help low-income households overcome the high cost of energy through conservation measures. The Auditor/Inspector will conduct an energy audit and perform diagnostic tests. Priority measures are air leakage reduction, insulation and health and safety concerns.

Labor and materials are provided for weatherization assistance. Priority is given to the elderly, handicapped and families with children. Assistance is provided in 22 counties.

The Weatherization Program also performs furnace tests to determine whether the furnace is safe and operating efficiently or whether a hazardous unit is in need of repair or replacement.

Weatherization and furnace replacement work is conducted by local contractors with whom we have developed an excellent working relationship. Despite the cut-backs, the Agency has worked diligently to provide Weatherization Services to as many families as possible. 

The LIEAP Furnace Repair and Replacement program will assist eligible households that meet the State Energy Assistance income guidelines with emergency furnace repair or replacement. This program assisted 220 households with repair or replacements.

ROCS also began providing a fee based Audit Service to families who don’t qualify for Weatherization Services.  This services allows homeowners to determine what measures are necessary to make their homes more energy efficient. 



HOME Homeowner

Rehabilitation Program

         The HOME Program is a forgivable loan program to income-eligible households to make improvements to their homes.  Each eligible household could receive up to $15,000 for home repairs.  This loan is forgivable over a 5 year period.  Eligible repairs can include, but not limited to, roof repair, siding repair, minor remodeling, handicapped accessibility. 


Contact Melissa Johnson, Weatherization Assistant,  Phone: 605-384-3883.