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ROCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider. 

ROCS Staff Directory

Executive Director

Peter Smith

ROCS Dining Services Director

Rebecca Brown

ROCS Transit Director

Jackie Scott

ROCS Transit Asst. Director

Melissa Johnson

Agency Receptionist

Rachel Archambeau

Jennifer Grassrope


Jill Stoltenburg

Deputy Finance/HR

Andrea Irwin

Fiscal Clerk


Darci Bultje


Becky Sieh

Outreach Coordinator

Jean Shrake

Chamberlain Outreach

Dave Strohmayer

Mitchell Outreach

Julie Greenfield

Yankton Outreach

Carla Pesicka

Lake Andes Outreach

Emergency Services

Steve Nielsen


Vicki Berndt-Odens

Office Assistant

Rick Dvorak

WX Field Assistant

Andrew Ronfeldt

WX Electrician